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  • Sensibility Hair Shampoo

    Very mild unscented and dye free hair shampoo.

    Ideal for most hair types.


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  • Nature Power Cleaner

    Natural Citrus based (contains d’limonene) extremely concentrated all purpose cleaner.

    One 500 ml (16oz) bottle makes 16 bottles (500 ml) of cleaner.

    Why pay for water when you can add it yourself?

    Ideal for floors, walls, counters, car interiors,  etc.  Any situation that requires the cleaning /removal of greases, oils and fats.

    Can even be used on fabric (i.e. salad oil stain on your favourite shirt) as it is colour and fabric safe.

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  • The Soap Exchange

    In the early 1990's my search for a morally-conscious, non-gender specific, environmentally-sensitive business opportunity led me directly to The Soap Exchange.

    Providing a comprehensive collection of products which are 100% biodegradable, re-using bulk and commercial packaging thereby reducing waste, providing quality products while reducing costs to the consumer. . .the choice was obvious, as the people of Victoria have shown.

    Thank you, Victoria, for making The Soap Exchange a success, and contributing to a greener, cleaner environment.

    - Wes Koch, Owner

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    Latest Feedback & Testimonials
    From Our Customers

    I was in the store getting various refills, including laundry soap, and Wes happened to mention that all you need for a front loader (which I have) is half a scoop. Oh, said I, and of course immediately cut down on the amount of soap I was tossing in. Why waste money?

    We have a greywater recycling system. It was always getting clogged. Cutting down to the correct amount of laundry soap has made a huge difference! I told the system installer and it was something he had never thought of!

    The clothes are just as clean.

    Think about your city wastewater systems, you Victoria people!

    -- Sonja



    Wes - thank you for carrying your true scent-free products. With my chemical hypersensitivity and asthma, I simply cannot use the majority of the falsely advertised "fresh" products that greenwash over the truth that most of them produce excessive amounts of chemical fragrance-spawned VOC's that are very harmful to a significant little chunk of the general population. Since we started using your scent free soft soap as a dish detergent, we've been better able to keep our home VOC-free, and that's made an impact on my overall health and quality of life. When a person has trouble breathing or their immune system reacts badly to common commercial products, life just isn't as much fun. I hope your products take over the world. They should be used in all public and commercial buildings to cut down the unnecessary VOC's everyone is exposed to on a daily basis. For those of us with chemical sensitivities and asthma, exposure to the common fragranced products is no different than being locked inside a small closet with someone smoking a cheap cigar. Keep it up, Wes!

    HumanRay Nelson, Edmonton

    Nature Power cleans so well and saves our team so much time.  Red Marvel works great in sinks, toilets, bathtubs and shower doors.  I just love these products.  I clean for a living and what a difference it makes to my life.

    HumanKathy’s Dust Bunnies (Kathy Campsall), Victoria BC

    I was moving out of my home but still had to remove “hardened glue gun glue” splotches from my son’s carpet in his bedroom to get my damage deposit back.  What was I going to do?  I wandered up to The Soap Exchange looking for a “miracle” and found it with “Peel Power”.  I couldn’t believe it.  After some rubbing, the glue started disappearing.  There were 7 “splotches” of glue gun glue and “Peel Power” removed them all.  I am happy to report that I got all of my damage deposit back.  Incredible product…….

    HumanAndrea - Victoria, BC